Ridgewood Swim Club, Inc.



My family and I have been a part of the Ridgewood Swim Club for 6 years. In that time Ridgewood has become a second home to us during the summer.  I love the friendships that we have made and the community feel each time we come.  My three children have also learned how to swim competitively with the Ridgewood Dolphins, which was a huge draw for us to join the pool.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to manage and and at times compete with the team.  

As a parent, and as a teacher within the community, I feel the safety of our children must be the number one priority.  This includes training our lifeguards to exhibit high standards of vigilance as well as keeping our grounds and pool maintained with high standards.  Our high standards should never be compromised.  I want our pool community to continue to grow and attract new families members who want to invest and see the pool succeed.  I also look forward to making more great summer memories together.

I will be your voice to help get answers and address any concerns.  I am a team player and feel that we can accomplish more together than individually.  I currently serve on the parent board for the Ridgewood Dolphins and I hope with your vote to contribute as a member of the Ridgewood Swim Club Board!