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Please accept this letter as my application for a position on the Ridgewood Pool board. My family


has been a part of this pool for three years now and I would like to be an active part of making it the


summer destination that all of us would like it to be. My experience with similar organizational  


structures, as detailed below, should serve well in this environment. I have dedicated the past 13


years to raising my two boys, Iain and Cole. During this same period I have remained involved in


both professional and volunteer pursuits relevant to serving on this board. For the better part of eight


years I worked as a Team Leader & Independent Educational Consultant with Usborne Books &


More and have, in the past two years, begun substitute teaching for Montgomery County. As such I


have met and created relationships with many of our constituent families. My experience in working


with organizational leadership teams has also increased through my involvement with the PTA. This


is my eighth year as an active board member, serving a variety of rolls such as Vice President at


CMS (this year and last) and vice president and secretary roles at both CES & CPS.  I appreciate


your considering of my qualifications to serve as a board member of Ridgewood Pool and I look


forward to working with you.  If you have any questions regarding my experience or desire to serve,


please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Heather-Head Shot