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My name is Kerri Saunders and I'm writing this letter to be considered a nominee for the Board of Directors for Ridgewood Swim Club.  I have been a resident of the New River Valley for almost 19 years and proudly call this home now.  I was born and raised in Grundy, VA and moved here in 2001.  I am married to John Saunders and we have 2 daughters, Katy Hoover (12) and Abbi Saunders (8) years of age.  We currently reside in the Walnut Creek Community.  I have been employed for the Judicial System here in Montgomery County for the last 16 years and currently still employed, I understand the importance of laws and regulations and how they are very crucial to maintaining a well successful business.  My husband has been a Building Code Official for Montgomery County for nearly 13 years, and a lifelong resident of Christiansburg and is very knowledgeable of mechanical, structural and life safety elements involved with a public/private pools.  Our family became members with Ridgewood Swim Club last year for the first time and we loved the family feel, I believe it's so important in today's world to have such an outlet for the kids and parents. I feel like I could be a strong supporting candidate for the Board of Directors of Ridgewood Swim Club and look forward to another great summer.