Ridgewood Swim Club, Inc.


My name is Koren Meadows and I would like to be considered for election to the board.  I have been a member of Ridgewood Swim Club for several years.  I have greatly enjoyed bringing my family members to use the Ridgewood pool and facilities, and want to do my part to continue having it be a place that is welcoming to all.

As a newer member (within the last three years) I can bring new ideas to the board, help problem-solve, work on implementing any changes needed, and support what is working well.  My personal priorities are safety, continued maintenance of the facilities, and promoting a clean, welcoming environment.  I would like to look at less-expensive ways that the pool experience can be improved, and how to creatively bring in extra funds for financing those projects.

I feel that I would be an asset to the board because I am a creative person, parent, and experienced teacher of over 20 years.  I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Radford University, as well as multiple certifications in areas related to teaching children with disabilities.  As part of my job at Christiansburg Primary School, in addition to teaching, I supervise instructional assistants and participate in many team meetings involving critical decisions; these experiences have prepared me to be a valuable member of the Board of Directors.  My own children are in middle and high school, so I have experience with every age group and what interests them.

I enjoy researching cost-effective ways to make improvements, and take satisfaction in a job well done.  In addition I am honest, dependable, and approachable.  I value the opinions of others and will compromise when needed, but will also stand up for what’s right.  I am a community-minded Christiansburg resident.  Both of my children attend Christiansburg schools, and my husband has worked for Montgomery County for over 20 years.  I know that I have the skills and experience to work well on the board.

Please think about the values that you seek in a board member and consider me for election.