Ridgewood Swim Club, Inc.

A  limited number of stock are available for purchase directly from the Pool. Please email us at rwscpool@gmail.com before processing this purchase - thanks!
Stock Purchase - Initial $350.00 for stock + Paypal processing fee
Full payment of membership dues for the season, payable by May 15.
Yearly Dues Paid In Full - $450.00+ PayPal Processing Fee
You are welcome to pay your membership dues in 2 equal payments of $225.00. Plus Paypal processing fee per online transaction
Membership Dues Half Payment $225.00+PayPal Processing Fee
$225 remaining balance plus paypal processing fee
Membership Dues Remaining Balance

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*board approved $25.00 dues increase to offset operating costs as of Feb 11th 2020

*per motion approval at 2017 Stockholders Meeting, online payments have added surcharge to offset the cost of online payment system.